Excellent HR Presentation Series
In this page, you can view all of 15 excellent powerpoint slides on HR Management. All slides are designed in powerpoint files (ppt) so that you can modify and immediately use for your own learning process.

Ultimate HR Tools for HR Manager
We proudly present ULTIMATE HR TOOLS for HR MANAGERS. In total, there are eight exceptional HR tools that you can immediately use to enhance your HR performance. These eight ultimate HR tools are as follows :

Competencies for HRD Practitioners
There are five fundamental skill that need to be mastered by Human Resource Development (HRD) practitioners: (1) needs assessment, (2) program design, development, and evaluation (including individual evaluation), (3) marketing of HRD programs, (4) cost/benefit analysis, and (5) facilitation of learning.

Career Development Program
Has your organization seriously considered implementing a career development program? If not, perhaps this is a good time to do so. The following description of several, widely used career development interventions and case studies can be used to stimulate discussion on various career development practices.

Redefining The Role of Strategic HR
Redefining the role of strategic HR can be challenging. Here are some reasons. HR may not have credibility with senior managers. Many executives do not view HR as a business. They are used to thinking of HR as an organizational support department and accustomed to telling them what to do. HR will need to achieve the credibility to be accepted in the new role.

Training Scorecard
When implementing a training scorecard it is important to track, collect, compile, analyze, and report six different types of training data collected over different time periods. These types of data are indicators, reaction, learning, application, business impact, and return-on-investment.

HR Policy and Manual
HR policies vary considerably from one organization to another, depending on the age of the organization, its size, the nature of the workforce and the position regarding union recognition, but here are the main policy areas.

Competency-based Career Planning
Career pathing involves making a series of job-person matches, based on the demands of the job system in the organization, that enable the person to grow into greater levels of responsibility, thus providing the organization with the talent that it requires to meet goals.